Volunteer Safeguarding Officer Needed

Volunteer Safeguarding Officer Needed

By Saints Newsroom
29 June
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Can you help your club to ensure a safe and happy environment for our youngsters to develop their rugby and life skills?

The Club expresses its grateful thanks to Paul Grealis for his outstanding contribution. Paul is retiring from his role as the Club's Safeguarding Officer and we need a willing replacement for this extremely important role.

What you can do for your club:

 Provide leadership in safeguarding children within the club
 Ensure a supportive and positive environment, in which children can enjoy
rugby safely, is maintained
 Keep up to date with and implement new safeguarding developments
 Make sure everyone understands the RFU Codes of Conduct and Core Values:
Teamwork, Sportsmanship, Enjoyment, Discipline, Respect

Supported by your CB Safeguarding Manager you will:

o Develop Safeguarding policies and procedures in conjunction with RFU
o Maintain a system of DBS checking anyone working with young people
o Arrange a programme of training for club personnel working with young
people (eg Safeguarding-Play it Safe and In Touch courses)
o Ensure that all safeguarding issues and incidents are reported promptly
o Keep up-to-date contact details for the local statutory agencies (police/social
services etc.) and liaise with them when necessary
o Ensure all parents of new mini & youth players receive and sign the club
Safeguarding policy
o Be aware of individual children’s special educational or medical needs and the
need to inform appropriate club age-group coaches/managers
o Ensure club first aid arrangements comply with RFU protocols
o Monitor the club website and report or amend inappropriate content
o Verify and confirm club accreditation information
o Distribute new information concerning the safeguarding of young people

Ideally, you’ll need:

 Resilience and determination
 Strong attention to detail
 The ability to be objective
 To be approachable and empathetic
 To be dedicated to the cause of safeguarding young people under 18yrs
 A background in child protection from any of the statutory agencies (Police,
Social Services, Children’s Services)

What you’ll get out of it:
A highly respected and very important role, you will report to the Club Executive
Committee and work closely with the Club Senior and Mini/Youth Honorary
Secretaries, the Club Youth Registrar, and the Club Coaching Coordinator. You will
need to be visible and approachable to all club members, posting your contact details
on club notice boards, the club website and the RFU Game Management System
(GMS). Your role in safeguarding children and young people within your club is
crucial and you will get a great deal of satisfaction seeing how young players develop.

How much time it will take up?

About 6 hours a week, mainly in the evenings and at weekends.

If you can put your hand up for this role, please contact: Jim McKenzie (jimmckenzie1@sky.com)


Anselmians Safeguarding Policy

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